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LED display has been developed in China for decades. After several years of irrational stages of winning at low prices, the entire LED display industry has begun to cool down, especially in the past two years.

The LED display has been developed in China for decades. After several years of irrational stages of winning with “low prices”, the entire LED display industry has begun to cool down. Especially in the past two years, consumer behavior has gradually returned Rationality, the continuous improvement of product quality, performance and other requirements in the terminal market directly promoted the transformation of the entire LED display industry. The major LED display companies in the industry have abandoned the 'quantity' and 'price' Traditional marketing concepts, eliminate backward production capacity, and move to the high-end application market that emphasizes quality and service.

The continuous upgrading of LED display product applications has further accelerated the reshuffling speed of the LED display industry, focusing production capacity on companies with technological and scale advantages. As the market space continues to shrink, competition in the LED display industry has become fiercer. So, what opportunities and challenges will be waiting for LED screen companies in this new cake in the high-end display field?

High-end market outlet fully opened, subdivided products lead the display trend

Since 2017, the LED display market development situation shows that the demand for high-end display market has become a leader among LED screen companies. Although its market capacity is not as broad as conventional LED displays, high-end display products have high gross profit. With the characteristics of broad market prospects, coupled with the promotion of national policies and the substantial increase in the demand of the end market, both the leading companies in the industry and the emerging companies that have just entered the LED display have focused their attention on high-end Show the market and join this explosive “Nuggets” team without hesitation.

Undoubtedly the leader in the high-end display field is LED small-pitch products. The small-pitch LED display has a wide range of application fields, mainly used in public display, security monitoring, business education and other fields, of which commercial display and public display account for about 70% of the overall market share. Especially in recent years, with the construction of smart city and safe city projects, the demand for high-end customized display projects in transportation, security and military command centers has gradually increased.

It is worth mentioning that with the comprehensive intelligent transformation of traditional security, visualization has increasingly become the focus of the industry, and large-screen splicing screens have become mainstream display terminals, especially in integrated large-scale security projects such as safe cities and smart cities. Wall products are even more essential. Compared with other display products, the small-pitch LED display screen has obvious advantages, not only can achieve seamless splicing, but also flexible and diverse installation methods, the thickness of the screen is thin, the brightness is high, the energy consumption is low, and the high cost of lamp replacement is saved In the later period, the operation and maintenance cost is relatively low, so it quickly occupied the market for the indoor large-screen application field represented by the traffic command and control room.

In addition, smart cities are also accelerating the construction of smart traffic and smart communities and other information display systems, thereby vigorously promoting the growth of market share of segmented LED display screens such as traffic guidance screens, smart light pole screens, and highway information indications. From the above development situation, we can clearly see that in various application fields, with the upgrading of product technology and the continuous diversification of user requirements, conventional LED display screens are transforming into customized high-end display products, which directly promotes LED display. The demand for the screen market has grown. In the future, LED display screens will continue to shift toward greater density, move toward intelligentization and standardization, and in the process, the market will be further opened.

The international market is hot, domestic screen companies seize the opportunities and take the lead

LED display screens made in China account for 80% of the global market share. This is a number that domestic LED display practitioners are proud of. Behind this number, in addition to saying that China is a very large unit market, It is also surprising that the overseas market is a key target market for Chinese LED screen companies. Compared with the domestic market, foreign markets have a higher degree of acceptance of environmental awareness, pay more attention to product quality, and accept higher prices more than domestic ones. Compared with China, overseas markets have higher prices and more profitable. , And the recovery period of the money is shorter, which is undoubtedly the best way out for LED screen companies that are suffering from low-cost storms in China.

Today, more and more international events, international large-scale summit forums, and even large-scale commercial circles, music festivals and other international events are increasing demand for high-end LED display products. International conferences such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the SCO Qingdao Summit in 2018 were held, and the Winter Olympics, World Cup, Asian Games and other sports events were held in succession. As the most dazzling Chinese element, Chinese LED displays frequently appeared on the world stage and showed China to the world The high quality of LED display screens also helps to increase the recognition of domestic display companies and products in the world market, and brings greater market space to LED display companies with large R & D strength and large scale in China.

At present, the overseas market has formed three major battlefields represented by small pitches, outdoor rentals, and traditional advertising markets. Whether it is the construction of smart cities, or the policy promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative, the BRIC countries, they are all exported to China's LED display industry Career help is not small. Under such circumstances, domestic LED screen companies should seize the opportunity, focus on the layout in overseas markets, expand sales channels, and open brand awareness. Moreover, in addition to paying attention to product quality and innovation, and actively exploring the high-end market, it is also necessary to gradually improve the industrial structure, penetrate the markets of developing countries, and bring Chinese LED display brands to a wider area.

The road to product transformation is long and long, and LED screen companies need to be fully upgraded

Under the general trend of the LED screen industry upgrade, the cake in the high-end market will become larger and larger. From the perspective of market demand and net profit space, the high-end market will become an excellent holy place for LED screen companies to nuggets . However, although the high-end market is as good as possible, for most LED screen companies that transition from the low-end market to the high-end market, the complexity and variability of the high-end consumer market have long exceeded their expected preparations, and thus appeared ' The symptom of 'satisfaction with soil and water' actually 'had lost his wife and collapsed his soldiers'. Therefore, for many screen companies in the industry, if they want to gain a foothold in the high-end market, they will also face many tests and challenges.

For many LED screen companies, the high-end market is equivalent to high prices, as long as simply increasing R & D costs and improving product quality can survive in this market. In fact, the real high-end market can not only sell prices and products, but also have to redefine the high-end customers, so as to better sell services and deliver ideas to the market, and achieve technological innovation, marketing services and services of products Innovation, the real connection with the needs of users, from high prices to high values; at the same time, it should be clear that high-end transformation is a long-term and systematic project, which can not be solved by burning money in a short period of time. Continue to invest and cultivate the definition ability of high-end products in a 'smooth and silent' way to enhance the user awareness of high-end brands. In addition, in the current high-end LED display market, LED display companies must have in-depth contact with the market and understand the real needs of the market.

The road to transformation is long and difficult, but for the entire LED display industry, the transition to the high-end market will not only optimize the product structure of the LED display company and increase profits, but also break the many LED display manufacturers in the industry have been addicted to the low The stalemate of low-end competition in the high-end market has comprehensively improved the industrial image and credibility.

For now, there are still a few companies that still adhere to the low-cost marketing strategy. There are still many challenges for Chinese LED display manufacturers to switch to high-end roads. The top priority is to rely on good value products to achieve brand influence. Through brand innovation, product innovation and iteration, the company finally builds a 'value product + value brand' two-wheel drive system oriented to user needs.


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