German Siemens sells 17.34% of OSRAM shares for 1.2 billion euros

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Siemens announced on October 4th, German time, that it had decided to sell 17.34% of the shares held by Osram, ending the relationship between the two parties for many years.

A total of 18,155 shares of Osram shares held by Siemens will be sold at a price of 65.05 euros per share, with a total selling price of approximately 1.2 billion euros (equivalent to approximately 9.4 billion yuan). Siemens said that the proceeds of the sale will be used for general corporate purposes, and after the above shareholdings are removed, only a small amount of OSRAM shares will be retained. These shares are corporate bonds with options due in 2019.

German Siemens sells 17.34% of OSRAM shares for 1.2 billion euros

News of disagreement between the management of Siemens and Osram and the deterioration of the relationship have been heard, and rumors of Siemens ’divestiture of shares have now come true. Osram expressed its gratitude to Siemens for its role as a core shareholder since Osram went public for many years.

Comment: The sale of equity by Siemens may be related to the management strategy of Osram ’s management, but more importantly, it focuses on its core business portfolio. In the future, Siemens should focus more on core businesses such as industry, energy, and medical services, and increase investment in electrification projects related to China ’s industrial development in China.


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