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Jeff Microelectronics

Brand Category: Jeff Microelectronics

Founded in 2016 in Chengdu, Sichuan, Jeff Microelectronics (Sichuan) Co., Ltd. (GLF) is a chip design company focusing on providing ultra-low-power power protection, system protection and perception energy-saving solutions to emerging fields such as Internet of Things, AI intelligence, 5G, smart home, etc.

The company has five categories of core independent intellectual property rights, a total of more than 30 ultra-low-power power analog chips, including load switch, power path

Product information

The core parameter performance of Jeff Microelectronics (GLF) products is the world's leading level, with leading nA shutdown current and quiescent current, as well as ultra-low on-resistance and ultra-small package

Technical advantages

Application field

GLF products are mainly used in products that require energy saving and can be moved with batteries. Such as charging treasure, mobile phone, communication module, Bluetooth headset, smart audio, robot, panoramic camera, voice recorder, player, tablet, law enforcement instrument, walkie-talkie, thermometer, car ETC, handheld instrumentation, bracelet watch, smart helmet, AI glasses, razor, electric toothbrush, camera, sweeping robot. It can be widely used in Internet of Things, smart wear, smart home, robot, smart city, industrial application, automotive electronics and other fields.

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