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Since the 15th of this month, Manila, Philippines has been closed for a month. Due to the fact that Murata and Samsung Motors, the top two MLCC factories in the world, have built a large number of production capacity in the Philippines, each accounted for 15% and 40%. Philippine President Duttti announced on Friday that the Metro Manila region will be closed for a month from the 15th of this month until April 14, the city ’s sea, land and air transportation will be suspended for a month, and the Philippines will respond to new coronary pneumonia The epidemic has taken drastic measures and has blocked 17 cities.

Samsung Electric and Guoju (2327) are both mid-level MLCC manufacturers, and also have a lot of production capacity for the use of Samsung Electronics Group. The main production capacity is in mainland Tianjin, the Philippines, and the local production rate in South Korea is extremely low. The delivery of the Tianjin plant and the Philippine plant is affected. The industry believes that the closure of the city is not the right time. If it is during normal hours, supply and demand will have the opportunity to adjust naturally, but now the inventory is empty and the tight medium and low capacity specifications are tight. With Samsung Electric and Yageo as the main suppliers, as EMS factories increase the resumption rate of the mainland plant, the supply and demand of subsequent MLCCs may become tighter.



It took ten years for the passive component industry to bid farewell to the era of small factories. After a high degree of integration, it has entered the oligopoly stage. The top three global Murata, Samsung Electric, and National Giant cities account for 31%, 19%, and 13% Dajia covers 63% of the market, and the top five have won nearly 80% of the market. Any supply convergence will have a major impact on the global consumption of materials.

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