Malaysia shut down for half a month

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The Malaysian Prime Minister announced on March 16 that he decided to take stricter two-week restrictions nationwide from March 18 to March 31 to strengthen the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

As the epidemic situation became more severe, countries followed the example of the mainland to start the closure of the city management to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Malaysia has more resistance plants. In addition to the impact of shipments, the Malaysian government increased the requirement for the production line to be shut down for two weeks. Resistance supply and demand. The company has passive parts factories in Malaysia including Wangli and Huaxin Branch of Qilixin, both of which are resistance plants. The resistance plant of Huaxin Branch is the production capacity indirectly mastered by the merger of Kettle Motors in Japan. The utilization rate has reached the full load water level; Wangquan is the third largest resistance plant in the world. The production capacity of the Malaysian plant accounts for about 40% of the group ’s resistance production capacity. %.


According to statistics, the passive component companies currently setting up factories in Malaysia include Huaxin Branch (Resistance) and Wang Quan (Resistance), as well as Nissho Murata (Inductor, MLCC), Aluminum Power Plant Nichicon, Nippon Chemicon, and Solid Capacitor Factory Panasonic. Other passive component factories include Murata in Japan, which manufactures inductors and MLCCs in Malaysia. Due to the high degree of integration, there are not many qualified manufacturers. Besides leading giants, Wangtan, Hoosen, Huaxinke and Dayi are the few resistor factories that can be aided by Austria, but the production capacity gap is very large. Zhou undoubtedly planted variables on the tight supply surface.



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