Zhongwei wins patent injunction application against Veeco Shanghai

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In July this year, Zhongwei formally sued “Veeco Shanghai” to the Fujian High Court, alleging that its TurboDisk EPIK 700 MOCVD equipment infringed on Zhongwei ’s Chinese patent for synchronous locking of the substrate tray, demanding that it stop infringement and claim infringement of hundreds of millions of yuan. penalty for damages.

China Microelectronics announced on December 8 that the Chinese People ’s High Court of Fujian Province approved China Micro ’s application for a ban on Veeco Precision Instruments International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Veeco Shanghai”), which banned Veeco Shanghai Import, manufacture, or sell to any third party or promise to sell any chemical vapor deposition device that infringes the patent of China Microelectronics No. CN 202492576 and the substrate tray used for such device. The ban covers the MOCVD equipment of TurboDisk EPIK 700, EPIK 700 C2 and EPIK 700 C4 models, as well as the substrate trays used in such MOCVD equipment. Zhongwei believes that the rotating shaft and substrate tray locking synchronization device of the Veeco EPIK 868 MOCVD equipment also uses the patented technology of the case involved in the case, so the ruling also covers Veeco's EPIK 868 model and the substrate used in the device. tray.

The ban is effective immediately and cannot be appealed. This strict prohibition fully shows that Veeco Shanghai has infringed on the intellectual property rights of China Microelectronics, and Veeco Shanghai does not respect the intellectual property rights of China Microelectronics.

Comments: The Fujian High Court ruled that the VeecoEPIK700 model is banned in China, which is a victory for domestic semiconductor equipment. The rise of domestic semiconductor equipment companies such as China Micro and other overseas companies such as Veeco cannot defeat China Micro through patent wars alone. China Micro also put itself in its own way, showing that the innovation and technical capabilities of domestic semiconductor equipment are no different.


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