GE officially announced the sale of the lighting business

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On June 8th, GE Lighting CEO Bill Lacey pointed out in an internal email that GE officially began discussions with potential buyers to sell the GE lighting business. Bill Lacey emphasized that the negotiations are still in the early stages, and GE Lighting 'can consider several strategic options.'

Bill Lacey also said that during this period, GE Lighting must continue to operate this business to serve customers. 'Starting today, we will call our business team separately in order to have a transparent conversation with our customers and ensure that they understand our priorities and the strategy remains the same.'

Bill Lacey said that in the future, the company will simplify its investment portfolio and focus on core digital industrial assets. In August last year, GE Lighting announced the termination of business activities in Asia. At that time, many industry insiders predicted that GE might completely divest the lighting business.

GE officially announced the sale of the lighting business

Comment: In recent years, with the rapid rise of Chinese manufacturers and the fierce competition in the international lighting market, lighting giants including Philips, Osram, GE, etc. have been constantly adjusting their lighting business. The sale of GE's lighting business may be under strategic consideration, selling a loss-making business at a good price, and focusing more on the development of business fields such as power generation, aviation, medical and industrial Internet with more funds.

But for the LED industry, no matter who takes the market, it will have a profound impact on the lighting industry, and the pattern of the lighting industry will change accordingly.


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