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On November 23, 2017, Osram announced that its new LED chip factory in Kulim, Malaysia, will begin operations as scheduled. It is understood that the blue LED chips produced by the Osram Julin plant can produce white light through the conversion layer. The chip can be used for general lighting, but also for special applications such as building facade lighting, private and commercial interior and exterior lighting, billboard lighting, and plant lighting.

After the completion of the second phase of the Gulin plant, Osram also plans to produce LED chips for high-end applications such as automotive lighting and video projection in Gulin. The location of the factory is located on a green area, so it has a higher degree of freedom in design. In addition, the new plant also represents the latest technology. Compared with the 4-inch technology, the 6-inch wafer production system can produce 125% more LED chips per wafer in a single cycle.

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Comment: Osram spins-off Land Vance and sells it to a Chinese consortium, abandoning general lighting, focusing on high-tech fields, and achieving a substantial transformation of the company's strategy. The Julin LED chip factory carries the important tasks of OSRAM market expansion and strategic transformation, and will focus on the production of large-capacity simple chips. As a large-scale manufacturing base, strong production capacity will make OSRAM more competitive in the future market competition. At the same time, it also paves the way for the rapid popularization of emerging applications, such as automotive lighting and image projection.


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