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Tongfang Information Port, shenzhen

Job Responsibilities:

1. Relying on the company's powerful database system and professional global procurement team, solve all kinds of urgent electronic component needs produced by customers, recommend alternative components to reduce customers' procurement costs, and help customers deal with excess inventory;

2. Maintained customer service and technical support, and helped customers to analyze the electronic components market;

3. Continued to follow up the progress of customer projects, and helped customers analyze BOM to determine accurate order prediction and inventory status analysis.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above in electronic technology or related field; Experience in electronic component technical support, familiar with electronic component hardware development structure and circuit diagram, skilled in specifications and parameters.

2. Love sales, have strong learning ability and self-management ability, have certain sales skills, have sales experience in related industry is preferred;

3. Familiar with electronic products to solve customer after-sales technical analysis problems and technical guidance; Positive and motivated, with good language skills and interpersonal communication skills;

4. Strong sense of responsibility and team spirit, high professionalism and good professional ethics; Good at learning, with team spirit, willing to work with the company for long-term development.

If interested, please send your resume (email Name: Name + gender + education + position) to