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Tongfang Information Port, shenzhen

Job Responsibilities:

1. Cooperated with technical engineers to develop the market of the company's agent line

2. Establish and maintain good cooperative relations with customers in R&D, engineering and procurement

3. Project follow-up, order follow-up, order execution, customer service

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing or electronics is preferred, experience in new energy, industrial power, sensor field is preferred

2. Standard Mandarin, high expectation of income and future, confident to achieve high performance and high income through my own ability.

3. Good image, outgoing personality, quick thinking, responsible with good communication skills and positive team spirit.

4. Encourage the interview of outstanding talents (including outstanding graduates) who are willing to develop in the electronics industry for a long time

If interested, please send your resume (email Name: Name + gender + education + position) to