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Tongfang Information Port, shenzhen

Provide all kinds of electronic components (IC/ memory chips/passive components/electromechanical devices) in short supply for global electronic product manufacturers, recommend solutions to reduce the procurement cost of electronic components to customers, and help customers deal with excess inventory.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Relying on the company's powerful database system and professional global procurement team and technical team, solve all kinds of urgent electronic component needs of customers, recommend solutions to reduce customer procurement costs, and help customers deal with excess inventory

2. Coordinated the internal resources of the company and handled the daily demand, quotation, order, delivery and payment of customers;

3. Provide good customer service and help customers with market analysis;

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing or electronics is preferred, familiar with electronic components related market work experience is preferred;

2. Standard Mandarin, high expectation of income and future, confident to achieve high performance and high income through my own ability.

3. Good image, outgoing personality, quick thinking, responsible with good communication skills and positive team spirit.

4. Encourage the interview of outstanding talents (including outstanding graduates) who are willing to develop in the electronics industry for a long time


If interested, please send your resume (email Name: Name + gender + education + position) to